The Next Generation Of Portable Technology

Compact Performance, Infinite Possibilities.

The Access4 is a fanless portable computing solution with flexible applications for home or business.


What’s More?

Equipped with an Intel Gemini Lake processor and your choice of with Windows 10 Pro, Linux, or Windows IoT operating system. Use the new C-Port for dual monitor display and connect your Bluetooth devices to maximize your productivity. Enjoy media in 4K at 60FPS or deploy your digital signage, set up thin clients, and more.


Reach your target audience using any digital display to engage your customers. Create memorable experiences and enhance your business with content rich digital signage.


Improve the way you communicate and build your ideal collaborative solution with the Access4’s low-acoustic footprint.


Use Windows IoT to discover ways to transform your business. Develop smart solutions for cities, manufacturing plants, and more.


Enhance your TV experience and create your own home entertainment center. Stream your favorite movies and games in 4K.
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A fanless, portable computing solution for on-the-go connectivity and infinite capabilities.