[MIAMI, FLORIDA, January 15th] Video Analitika brings innovation to the tech world with a new automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) system powered by Azulle’s compact and fully functional mini PCs. Unlike ever before, video surveillance cameras reading vehicle registration plates are being powered by Azulle mini PCs.

Video Analitika, has a unique ANPR software solution used in video surveillance cameras that is compatible with the Access4 and the Byte4, Azulle’s newest products. The ANPR system can store any car’s plate image and access all types of data helping to facilitate traffic, parking lot vehicle searches, detect criminality, and more. ANPR software can go as far as recognizing a car’s brand, model, color, and type. The software can also perform facial recognition, object tracking, and recording systems to monitor suspicious behavior and improve access control while matching against watch lists.

ANPR’s software utilizes the Access4 mini PC from Azulle to power one to two cameras aggregating information from video footage, radars, and emission sensors for real-time viewing and alerting. ANPR solutions paired with the Access4 are helping the world become safer and creating more efficient and reliable systems for businesses and governments.

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Azulle devices are compatible with a large assortment of innovative software programs, including ANPR systems from Video Analitika.

The Access4 is a fan-less portable computing solution equipped with an Intel Gemini Lake processor and your choice of Windows 10 Pro, Linux, or Windows IoT, made to enhance connectivity and video resolution from any location. A more high-powered version of the previous device is the Byte4, a mini PC strategically designed as a desktop replacement. Equipped with a 64-bit Quad-core Intel Gemini Lake processor, the Byte4 is a lightweight winner for a speedy, functional, efficient, and cost-effective minicomputer.

For ANPR software installation contact info@videoanalitika.lt or call +370-687-42983. To get your hands on Azulle’s mini PC, contact 786-233-6769 or sales@azulle.com and learn more about our business solutions at www.azulle.com.


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Azulle is a leading brand and manufacturer of mini PC’s and mini PC sticks, dedicated to developing and introducing practical innovation for homes and businesses. What began as a small local Miami team creating a single product, is now a large family of unique and talented people driven to pioneer the future of technology. The company provides customers with cutting-edge devices and premiere US-based customer service and technical support. All products are distinctly designed by a team of avid technology lovers and visionaries that are inspired by the desires and needs of real people.

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