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By Azulle Team

The Geochron Digital 4K Atlas Powered by Azulle

Geochron | Azulle

Geochron started out with a practical purpose. The founder, James Kilburg Sr., had the idea when awoken at 2 AM in Luxembourg, by a call from his wife in the U.S. The telephone operator (back in 1962 when phone transfers were manually done) had incorrectly informed his wife that it was daylight when she was calling. She had woken up the entire household. It was on this rough morning a mechanical masterpiece was born, the Geographical Chronometer (essentially Earth Clock). A device still utilized by enthusiasts around the world to this day.

Today, the mechanical Geochron is transported into the modern world, through the Digital 4K Atlas, powered by Azulle. The Atlas takes the best parts of the mechanical clock and displays a full-featured Geochron World Clock on any 4K TV or computer monitor. Powered by Azulle technology, it’s fanless hardware is specifically designed for commercial digital displays found in restaurants and airports.

Geochron | Azulle

The features of the Digital 4K Atlas abound! They include global satellites weather overlays, four different map sets (geopolitical, Topographical, Ham Radio, and oceanic/human points of interest), live location of the International Space Station and over 300 satellites, and up to one hundred location pins displaying local time and custom names that you can place anywhere on the map. Furthermore, the static overlays of the Geochron Atlas show city lights around the world at nighttime along with major shipping routes, major flight routes, pollution, and human population.

The Atlas can render the images and videos displayed in up to 4K and has proven WI-FI and Ethernet connectivity. This little device comes in a durable case so it can be used in a variety of places, from technical offices and homes to businesses and rugged venues like tradeshows. Geochron’s digital program was originally built around a less reliable international vendor’s hardware, but this second generation of Geochron Digital, powered by Azulle, has cut their hardware failures by more than half.

The Geochron Digital 4K Atlas, powered by Azulle technology truly holds up to Geochron’s original slogan- “A Timepiece. A Masterpiece.”

Geochron | Azulle

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