An emergency notification service is a system in which people can receive instant information during an emergency or times of crisis. Masses can be appropriate communicated and processes and protocols and easily come into action with communication made possibly with systems powered and connected through the internet or cloud to Azulle mini PCs.

Information when it matters most!

Save time

Save time and manage notifications efficiently

Having a system that can send notifications to a wide range and several locations instead of manually sending alert notifications to each person that needs to be notified is a huge time saver. Automating alert sending can save emergency operations staff valuable time that they can spend performing other important tasks.

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Save lives

Reach a targeted audience as quickly as possible with an emergency notification system designed to mass communicate to populations of any size across all available communication channels (often as quickly as in one click).
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Clarity & Consistency

In the case of an emergency, communicating clearly is vital. With an automated notification system, communication is consistent with a wide range of people. ENS platforms support the notification of all critical members within an enterprise and facilitate a timely gathering for discussion and immediate response.

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