Azulle Access Plus: Next Big “Mini PC”

By Azulle Team
By Kristie Laplante & Cassandra Bossicot

BestinSingapore is a website that provides Singaporeans with information about consumer goods and reviews. The site is well-known for rating companies in its country, but it is extremely rare for businesses to get featured in any “Top 5” category. However, Azulle recently got nominated by BestinSingapore as one of the Top 5 Best Mini PC Sticks! The nomination states, “This PC is a great option for streaming, browsing, and entertainment purposes…In the grand scheme of PC sticks, Azulle’s Access Plus Fanless Mini PC Stick holds own.” This global exposure is terrific news! A unique solution for Singapore Singapore is one of the world’s most advanced countries; PCs and the Internet of Things are everywhere! That said, our Access Plus fits perfectly with their culture and lifestyle to improve Singaporeans’ streaming experience and home entertainment setup. To start, Singapore has a diaspora of different dialects spoken there. The country is made primarily of Chinese, Malay, and Indians, with each group of individuals speaking their preferred tongue. The linguistic differences can create a barrier, especially when the terminology is so similar but not the same. As reported by Britannica, “Linguistic differences are less pronounced among the Malays, but the group includes Indonesians speaking Javanese, Boyanese, and other dialects. The Indian group is diverse, consisting of Tamils (more than half), Malayalis, and Sikhs; it also includes Pakistani and Sinhalese communities.” With such an ethnically diverse array of people, with various linguistic needs, our device could lessen this gap. For instance, Windows 10 gives the user a choice to change the language setting, thereby allowing them to operate the computer in their desired vernacular. Additionally, a language translator app, like Microsoft Translator or iTranslator Voice, could be installed and attached to every television, monitor, and more, with our product. With these applications, watching a show that isn’t in your native tongue would not be a problem because the translator on the Access Plus plugged into your TV would take care of it. The Mini PC stick can also be where you find the shows that were not available with public broadcasting in your language. Numerous productions are being aired where they speak in your tongue on the Internet that has yet to stream, but you can get access to all of them with a mini PC stick. This showcases Azulle’s Mini PC’s strength for browsing and suitability aspects of everyday life demands, breaking the divide between viewers and TV shows. A deeper view of the Access Plus Our device is a wireless, portable mini PC stick that offers full network connectivity to make it easy to stream, transfer, and explore. Adding on, the Windows Store on the PC allows you to download as many apps as you would like onto your computer. Using this would be how you’re able to download apps on our product, whether it’s a translator or Netflix. Users who need their software to process at high speed to download, monitor, and complete transparent tasks would be great contenders for Access Plus. The stick sells at an affordable price compared to competitors, at even better quality. The melting pots of the world like Singapore curate so many intricate languages in one country, wouldn’t it be lovely to have a device like the Access Plus that could do the same?

Best in Singapore | Azulle

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