As the world has been reactivating and bars and breweries are reopening, people are in awe of DigitalPour’s innovative beer drafting software and digital menu boards. Digital Pour is the first company to provide digital menus, mobile apps, and real-time sales analytics to the craft beer industry, directly integrating software with a business point of sale system powered by Azulle. Today, the beer and brewery industry is one of the most tech-fueled businesses in the world and Digital Pour is staying ahead of the curve. 

From start to finish, technology is continuing to shape the way beer is consumed. DigitalPour proves that leveraging data has become a game-changer in the industry offering great benefits for breweries and consumers. DigitalPour’s software can help keep track of inventory and give customers real-time offerings easily. With one single click, businesses can update their menu boards, the mobile app, website menu, Facebook menu, Twitter feed, and point of sale, all at the same time run on the Access4 mini PC. Moreover, businesses can take advantage of customizable and interactive reports to make strategic decisions about customer keg preferences and insights on each type of beverage brand performance. For instance, DigitalPour customers know the consumption frequency of each beer brand according to the weather or time of year. Now, every DigitalPour client can delight their customers with a socially distant way to enjoy their alcoholic beverage with less wait time and double the fun! 

In addition, enjoying time-off, happy hours, or hangouts has never been easier and more accessible than with the DigitalPour mobile app. A user can mark their favorite beverage and track the locations they are being served up. Plus, you can get a glance at ABV percentages (alcohol by volume), bitterness (IBU) rankings, and keg types as you go out in search of the best beer in your city of choice.

Turn any TV in your local breweries, taprooms, beer amps, growler stations, or bars into a digital beverage menu. Spend more time engaging with customers and less time managing your point-of-sale systems and operations with the unparalleled technology DigitalPour brings to your company powered by Azulle.

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