The Next Generation of Island Fuel Controllers Powered by Azulle

By Azulle Team

Gas Pump Image | Azulle

Visiting gas station is a commonality for many Americans. There are over 10,700 gas stations in the US alone. On average they receive one customer every 10 minutes. As the machinery pumping gas works around the clock, companies like Site Controller program the content displayed on island fuel controllers, powered by Azulle mini PCs.

The Site Controller (TSC) is a commercial fuel system that acts as an interface with card readers, dispensers, tank level monitors, and other fuel site systems. TCS is the best solution to integrate highly configurable software with existing fuel equipment and small form-factor platforms designed to meet the needs of your fuel site footprint. Although TSC technology is used to display payment, control pumps, and other service options, it is also a convenient software for marketers to take advantage of by using the Byte4 mini PC to power point-of-sale management systems operated by TSC.

Gas Pump Image | Azulle

The founders, Mike Downs, Derek Bettencourt, Len Robinson, Norm Crum, and Brad Folkins, have years of experience in the petroleum industry and look forward to building on market-leading technology to provide marketers and consumers with the services they need and deserve.

Together, TCS and Azulle are building the next generation of island fuel controllers for a data-driven multi-network platform at gas stations across the country.

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