How Does Interactive Kiosks Work

By Vannia M.

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The adoption of technological solutions is becoming increasingly crucial as customers prefer quick interactions at the point of sale. As a result, entrepreneurs are increasingly choosing to optimize their businesses by integrating interactive touch screen kiosks to ensure excellent customer service in less time and offer a fully interactive shopping experience, allowing customers to access information about their products or services quickly, bumping up overall business sales.

What is an Interactive Kiosk?   


Interactive Kiosks, How Does Interactive Kiosks Work, Azulle

They are interactive touch screen displays that allow users to access different types of information dynamically, intuitively, and quickly. The interactive kiosk displays information directly in front of the customer in an eye-catching and attractive way for better communication and interaction between the company and the customer.


Interactive kiosks are usually installed in public spaces, and their most popular use cases include managing payments, transactions, procedures, and queries; speeding up queues; accelerating processes and managing tasks more accurately. Interactive kiosks are ideal for increasing the quality and efficiency of customer service by offering better self-service and business automation. Also, POS systems like kiosks can be used as tools to share import and information within companies, display announcements, alerts, schedules, and more in retail or corporate environments.


Features of an Interactive Kiosk

Interactive Kiosks, How Does Interactive Kiosks Work, Azulle

Interactive kiosks are becoming essential for basic and even complex services. Many features of this technological solution have solved customer and business facing problems largely amplifying their utility spectrum.

First, communication is a key feature of kiosks allowing screens to display information in real-time across different locations for announcement or marketing purposes. Payment is another feature of kiosks that facilitates transactions and expands the operational territory of a business for online and cash deposits. Following, self-service has become one of the most sought-out solutions, delivering a fully autonomous experience to maximize customer satisfaction.

Next, customization is a feature applicable to both software and hardware that allows business kiosks to offer particular services in a specific manner and maintain a brand identity. Interactive kiosks are also efficient in bringing automation to various business processes, reducing workload, and improving logistics. Finally, one of the main benefits of kiosk implementation is its ability to help businesses increase sales and revenue by bettering their customer service and expanding their offer of products and services, along with advertising, at lower costs.

In addition to these great features, kiosks are overall cost-efficient with hardware and accessories now easily available with customized hardware components and at a great value.

Types of Kiosks

Depending on their purpose, kiosks come in a wide range of sizes and shapes. There are two types of kiosks: interactive and non-interactive.

Interactive kiosks are those that customers can interact with, have touchscreen displays, and are not static. Interactive kiosks include self-service kiosks, payment kiosks, orientation kiosks, vending kiosks, and kiosks designed to provide internet access, among others.

Non-interactive kiosks, on the other hand, can be static and not necessarily touch-screen. They are used by companies to display brand information, advertise, announce offers, and more. The most common types of non-interactive kiosks are informational kiosks for brand advertising, promotional kiosks, wayfinding kiosks, and digital signage kiosks.


Interactive Kiosks, How Does Interactive Kiosks Work, AzulleInteractive Kiosks, How Does Interactive Kiosks Work, AzulleInteractive Kiosks, How Does Interactive Kiosks Work, Azulle

Industries That Use Interactive Kiosks

Food Industry

Some restaurants implemented interactive kiosks for self-service ordering to increase the efficiency and speed of the checkout process, enabling customers to place and pay for their food without assistance. Kiosks are a great option for casual fast-food restaurant chains such as McDonald’s and Taco Bell and sit-down restaurants like Olive Garden, Applebee’s, or Friday’s.

Airports and Public Transportation Stations

Interactive kiosks are increasingly being used in many airports and ground terminals (e.g., train and bus stations) to help customers buy tickets, display airline or bus schedules, check baggage, and find their way around the terminal. Several airlines rely on the kiosks to relieve congestion and speed up the check-in process for passengers. They are also installed as points of sale to offer goods and services to customers.

Health Care Facilities

Due to its versatility and ease of use, interactive kiosks can be installed in a variety of healthcare environments, including hospitals and clinics and urgent care centers. Among its multiple applications, they can be employed as a tool for consultation and scheduling of medical appointments, as well as serving as wayfinding systems to provide access to interactive maps to guide visitors and patients around the facility. They are also used to display general information about the various services and amenities offered by the center, enhance check-in, registration, and much more.


Retailers thrive with in-store kiosks. Stores have adopted self-service checkout kiosks to empower customers to shop on their own way. Also, some companies use them as a marketing tool to capture consumer data, as they are a very effective solution to get customers to buy certain products or acquire services. They can also help the company get feedback from shoppers, conduct customer service surveys, make it easier for them to sign up for coupons and upcoming promotions, all with the goal of increasing sales, engagement and making the brand more attractive to potential customers.

Interactive Kiosks, How Does Interactive Kiosks Work, AzulleInteractive Kiosks, How Does Interactive Kiosks Work, AzulleInteractive Kiosks, How Does Interactive Kiosks Work, Azulle


Interactive Kiosks, How Does Interactive Kiosks Work, AzulleAdvantages of Implementing Interactive Kiosks

For large businesses looking to expand further, or a small business just starting out and looking to grow, interactive kiosks offer convenience and many advantages that will contribute to the success of the company. Here are some of the advantages of using an interactive kiosk for your business:

Increase visits from potential customers

The brand can reach more people by using the digital kiosk to advertise without investing additional money in the store. A greater chance that a customer’s trip will end in a purchase is created by the use of interactive kiosks, which will boost the brand’s presence in the store and will be able to draw in a significant number of new potential consumers.

Enhance the customer purchasing experience

Interactive Kiosks, How Does Interactive Kiosks Work, AzulleThe use of digital kiosks has the potential to change how customers interact with physical stores. When using a kiosk, the purchasing process is transformed into a pleasing and interactive experience that will cause the customer to remember the brand and remain loyal to it.

Improve revenues by reducing personnel costs

Interactive digital kiosks are the ideal way to save staff costs and boost sales by giving customers access to all retail information as soon as they enter the store. As a result, workers can focus on other tasks and customers can be notified of the most recent promotions and deals.

Disadvantages of Implementing Interactive Kiosks

We are aware that everything good can have a downside, and interactive kiosks are no exception. Here are some of the possible problems that can arise when implementing one of these solutions.

Internet connectivity problems

Interactive Kiosks, How Does Interactive Kiosks Work, AzulleLosing internet connectivity is particularly frustrating when the customer is in the middle of a transaction and the Internet goes offline or starts acting slowly. Having a cellular enable connection such as the Byte4 4G LTE is ideal to avoid this issue.

Risk of damage and vandalism

Self-service and interactive kiosks are accessible to anyone who wants to use them, exposing the kiosk to damage and vandalism from individuals who don’t know how to maintain and care for public equipment and services.

Can contribute to theft

Unattended kiosks might make stealing more likely, requiring the inclusion of extra security measures like security personnel positioned at the self-checkout area.

Interactive Kiosks Powered by Azulle

Interactive Kiosks, How Does Interactive Kiosks Work, Azulle

Azulle is proud to partner and have cultivated relationships with some of the most innovative technology companies in the country. Our partners have granted us the opportunity to contribute and power their kiosks and digital signage needs with the various solution-driven hardware options we offer.

Azulle is present in the transportation industry with its state-of-the-art mini PCs. Chicago Transit Authority and Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority rely on Azulle mini PCs to power screens inside and outside metro buses and trains. They have significantly increased customer convenience and satisfaction by implementing digital platforms and advertising displays across their rail systems with a cost-effective and reliable hardware solution.

The Site Controller LLC has also relied on Azulle hardware to power their island fuel controller kiosks facilitating payment and allowing TSC to display payments, control pump information, and other service options.

Choosing the right device to power interactive kiosks for your business needs is important, and there are many factors to consider when making the purchase.

Implement a digital kiosk powered by one of our mini PCs and transform your business with Azulle: Powerful, compact, and cost-effective hardware solutions.










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