Improve Your Internal Communication Strategy With Zoom Rooms Digital Signage Powered by Azulle

By Azulle Team

Internal communication is an essential component for employee engagement and the overall health of your business. Nowadays, traditional communication methods like bulletin boards and newsletters aren’t as effective in keeping customers informed and connected as they once were. Having an ineffective internal communication strategy can lead to less productivity, less motivation, and a high employee turnover rate within the workplace. Hence, it is pertinent to continuously improve your internal communication strategy and avoid these detrimental possibilities. Implementing a more modernized communication solution like Zoom Rooms Digital Signage can work wonders for your employees and business.

What is Zoom Rooms Digital Signage?

Zoom Rooms Digital Signage is a tool designed to improve internal communication and employee engagement by allowing users to upload images, videos, and website URLs to a content library to display around the office. With simply one Zoom Rooms license, you can get unlimited digital signage enabled for your company.

Reach the right people at the right time

The more strategic your internal communication strategy is, the more effective the information is when it reaches your employees. With Zoom Rooms Digital Signage, you can set a specific content playlist to display at a particular location at the time you believe makes the most sense. Here are some examples of how you can do this: 

  • In the front office, when employees come in for work, display your company mission, vision, values, and goals. This will give employees a better sense of purpose when they arrive to work each day. 
  • Near every workstation, especially if organized by teams, display team KPI’s, recognize employees who are meeting KPIs, motivational messages, and helpful tips. This will motivate your employees to work harder and perform better within their position.
  • In the break room or any other busy area, display company announcements. This will ensure that employees are well informed and aligned with everything going on with the company. 

How to get started

Setting up your workplace with Zoom Rooms Digital Signage is a simple process. Click here for a step-by-step guide. 

Wrap up 

Employees who are kept “in the know” with their company tend to be more productive, motivated, and intentional with their daily efforts. Using Zoom Rooms Digital Signage, powered by Azulle hardware, to communicate with your employees will build a better culture and workplace for your business. 

For more information on Zoom Rooms Digital Signage, visit their website

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