The idea of smart cities has been present for more than a decade, but the technology is finally here to make it a reality. Today, more people live in cities than ever before, and the number is steadily rising. Therefore, smart cities are the next major development to address the growing urbanization challenges of our generation.

Smart city solutions are designed to help municipalities capture the power of data, cloud, and engagement across a range of city systems, such as transportation, water, public safety, emergency management, healthcare, energy, asset management, education, social services, and buildings. Technology is helping cities across the world improve their services, cost efficiency, economic sustainability, and quality of life for those that matter most: The people who live in them. Citizens engage with IoT based applications on their PC’s, smartphones, connected cars, or connected homes, and data is quickly and easily analyzed and operated to optimize city management.

The ecosystem of a smart city is unparalleled. Regular streetlights are connected by smart poles and to cameras on a freeway to decongest traffic. Sensors on bridges are used to transmit data on its physical conditions to anticipate damages and measure wind, temperature, and vibration. Mobile and local channels enable governments and citizens to communicate with each other, creating yet another source of useful data. We are trusting technology to help us take better care of one another, to bring us closer, and to make sure we don’t miss out on life’s special moments.

Your city is also surrounded by another major IoT based element, digital signage. You have probably seen digital signage on a restaurants’ menu board, on airports’ flight information displays, on shopping centers’ wayfinding screens, on stadiums’ scoreboards, on LED billboards, and other wide variety of interactive displays. Digital signage is just EVERYWHERE, displaying content from anywhere, in real-time. From videos to weather updates and from Live TV to RSS, showing content on digital signage is quick and easy with the new Azulle Access4 or our up and coming Byte 4. Owners of this amazing technology will experience faster performance, better video-handling, and improved port selection in a small space that is easily hidden behind any monitor or flat screen.

So, if IoT is the future, Azulle is right there to POWER it. The Azulle Access and Byte product lines are small in size, but big in capabilities, helping keep everyone connected in a time of digital transformation. The future of IT has already arrived, are you ready for it?

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