Talea Agency Shapes Businesses One Playlist at a Time

By Azulle Team

Music and technology have always been intertwined and are now transforming brand experiences. By using sound, music, and voice, which echo a brand’s values, you can transcend their brand identity, core messages, and the experience of visiting a store or using their services or products from casual encounters into engaging emotions. Talea Agency is a key player in the market, bridging research, strategy, and design to build powerful emotional connections that grow your brand serving the hospitality, co-working, and retail industries powered by Azulle.

Brands that use music aligned to the brand identity are 96% more likely to be remembered by the consumer, than the brands that use ‘unfit’ music or no music at all. Therefore, Talea delivers tailored music profiles to every brand, combining music expertise with proprietary tech products shaping the space experience of their clients. For instance, Talea curated a super eclectic soundtrack for the Viceroy Santa Monica, designed to fit the vibe guests at the resort’s pool lounge would enjoy the most, mixing different genres and instantly creating the LA feel. However, the same music taste would not fit a co-working space, where guests require more serene and peaceful styles than would a hotel bar ambiance.


Talea works with each physical space and client by identifying fitting music and voice so that a brand will come across as an advocate for an idea, lifestyle, or cause. In addition, they have an app with a user-friendly interface, where people can see what’s playing and Talea can learn from their responses to continue curating the best playlists. Plus, businesses do not have to worry about any legal problems because Talea’s music is licensed for commercial use and public spaces.

Analyzing everything, from guest’s activity to time of day, there is a playlist ready to accompany the moment. Talea is changing the business one playlist at a time with Azulle technology!

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