5 Holiday Party Ideas for Hybrid Workplaces

By Azulle Team

The Christmas season has arrived and many employees are looking forward to holiday parties to relax and celebrate their accomplishments from the year. With most companies consisting of both in-person and remote employees, it’s pertinent to plan a holiday party that your employees can enjoy no matter where they are. We’ve come up with five holiday party ideas for hybrid work environments that we know your staff will love.

Holly Jolly Christmas Movie Night


Who doesn’t love a good movie night? All you need is a spacious area to fit your staff, a large display that everyone can see, and a mini PC to video call your remote employees to stream Christmas movies altogether. Before the party, send Christmas-themed goodie bags to your entire team to snack during the movie. Whoever wins the game can receive a gift card or even a half-day off work.

Christmas Cocktail Party


Doesn’t a hybrid Christmas cocktail party sound pretty magical? You can make it even more special by crafting the cocktails yourself with the help of a mixologist. Start by coming up with some festive cocktail ideas and send a poll to your team so they can help narrow down the selection. Then, hire a mixologist to teach your employees how to craft each cocktail over Zoom. Send cocktail kits to your remote employees to follow along over the video call and have cocktail kits prepared for your in-person employees.

DIY Ugly Sweater Party


Creating ugly sweaters is a classic way to enjoy the holiday fun. Have your in-person employees show up with plain red, green, or white long-sleeved shirts. Then, set up a station filled with Christmas-themed embellishments so that your employees can deck their sweaters out. For your remote employees, send them an ugly sweater kit with the same decorations so they can join in on the fun. Once everyone’s finished decorating, the whole team can put their creation online and have a fun-healthy hybrid office competition.

Secret Santa Party


Hosting a Secret Santa party is another great idea for a corporate holiday party. Start by using a Secret Santa name generator online and sending an email to all employees for whom they will buy a gift. Then, create a spreadsheet and have every giftee tell you their preference so that everyone knows what to buy. You can make Secret Santa funny and lighthearted by having your employees buy gag gifts for their giftees instead. Send everyone their present before the party, and have both your in-person and remote employees celebrate in a zoom gift-opening party.

Gingerbread Decorating Party


This idea is the stickiest option of them all but another holiday classic that all employees will have fun with. Start by choosing a theme for the gingerbread house decorating party. Then, send out gingerbread supply kits to all of your employees a few days before the actual event. Have your employees show up dressed in attire related to the theme and enjoy decorating gingerbread houses in-person and by video call simultaneously.

Now that we’re in the Christmas season, hybrid offices must plan their holiday party in a way that’s worthwhile for the entire team. We hope you have fun with one of the options we mentioned!

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