6 Secrets to Make Zoom Meetings more Engaging

By Azulle Team

What comes to mind when you think of Zoom meetings? If feelings of boredom, indifference, or anxiety come to mind, you’re not alone! Virtual meetings can sometimes feel like 2019’s version of a long in-person meeting that could have been an email. That’s why we’ve put together 6 secrets that can boost engagement and productivity during virtual meetings.

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Plan an Agenda! Stay organized and on task with your team

Meeting Agenda | Azulle

Getting a team together virtually and keeping them engaged takes effort and planning. Stay on task and make Zoom meetings productive by planning an agenda ahead of time. It’s important you also share this agenda with your team so they can be prepared for the meeting with resources, insights, and thoughtful questions.

Don’t zoom right into it! Start with an Ice Breaker

Ice Breaker | Azulle

Kick-off your Zoom meeting with an energizing ice breaker! This is especially productive if your team is only working remotely. Remote teams don’t get to socialize and experience team-building interactions as they would in the office. Avoid stale meetings with fun work-focused (or entertaining) ice breaker activities.

We’ve shared a few ideas below to get you started:

  • Share a word that describes our company culture
  • Share your victory of the week or a positive company story
  • Meet the pets, kids, or spouses: Brief guest appearance (even though you’ve might have already had a couple)
  • Movement Trivia: Have people stand or sit down to answer true or false questions. Questions could be pop culture, history, or company-related.
  • Wellness Break: Organize a stretch break or deep breathing session

Boost Communication & Productivity with Zoom Breakout Rooms

Get creative with the structure of your Zoom meeting by using the Breakout Room feature! Breakout Rooms allow your team to engage and collaborate more in smaller groups. With Breakout Rooms you have the option of assigning individuals to groups or allowing them to self-select and “move freely among rooms” or return to the main session at any time. Zoom has also developed a countdown feature that shows groups how much time is remaining before returning to the main session. See all the incredible features Zoom has added to Breakout Rooms here!

Video Credit: Zoom

Brainstorm with Zoom Whiteboard Feature!

Make your Zoom meetings hands-on with the Whiteboard Feature! This feature enables a blank digital canvas that can be used to execute a brainstorming session, convey a message through drawings and annotations, and collaborate as a team to come up with ideas. The best part about it is that everyone can work together on the whiteboard. This not only boosts engagement but encourages participation from your team.

Enhance Collaboration with Cloud apps: Google & Invision

Google & Invision | Azulle

The use of cloud applications during Zoom meetings enhances productivity and purpose. The Azulle team uses Google Docs and Invision to create content, share ideas, develop graphics, and collaborate in real-time during meetings. Through collaborative cloud applications, users can contribute their ideas on a project and stay productive and organized together. As the host, you can share the links to the project before your meeting begins, then display it during the meeting while sharing your screen.

Use an Epic Background

Liven up our virtual space with an epic Zoom background. With the virtual background feature, you’ll be able to display an image of your choice as your background during a meeting. As a host, you could throw a “Zoom Background Competition” to add an element of excitement to your meeting.

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