Access4: The Ultimate Business and Home Entertainment Enhancer

By Vannia M.


With the aim of innovating and providing the right tools to maximize the operational efficiency of your business and at the same time change the way you experience home entertainment, Azulle, a leading manufacturer of mini PCs and mini PC sticks, has developed the ultimate business and home entertainment enhancer: The Access4, a plug-and-play, fanless mini PC stick that features a small form factor and a cutting-edge design, convenient for when you need computing power on the go.


Why choose Access4?

The Access4 is our most popular and best-selling computing device due to its versatility, multiple features, and ability to maximize your business efficiency and workspace. This complete and extremely compact device offers all the power of a full-sized PC, is simple to set up, and can be connected directly to the HDMI port of a TV, projector, or any other HD monitor or display. Plus, it comes with built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth; just add a wireless keyboard and a mouse, and voilà, it’s ready to use.


Top-notch characteristics

Available with your choice of operating system, along with the latest Gemini Lake processor, dual-band Wi-Fi, and a Gigabit Ethernet port for reliable, high-speed Internet connectivity, the Access4 mini PC stick features multiple ports, such as a certified HDMI port and a USB Type-C port for dual-display capabilities, allowing you to multitask across multiple screens. The base model includes 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage, plus a microSD card that accommodates up to 512GB. Ultimately, for a seamless and space-saving setup, the Access4 can be mounted behind any TV or monitor maintaining a clean environment ideal for work from home or to watch your shows free of cables.



Versatility at its finest: From business to home entertainment

This mini PC stick is the best alternative on the market for business operations and home entertainment. Its ability to connect to any HDTV makes it the ideal hardware for digital signage in retail, plazas, restaurants, transportation stations, and more. In addition, this cost-effective desktop replacement can also be used to power POS systems, kiosks, wayfinding machines, and IoT based applications. When it comes to entertainment, after a long day at work, this mini PC is ready to give you the ultimate living room experience  to unleash the full power of your TV. The best of both worlds!


I want it! Where can I buy one?

You can purchase this computing device here! Or if you’re interested in a more complete alternative, we also offer a bundle that includes the Access4, the Logitech wireless keyboard with a built-in mouse pad, and the Azulle webcam with real-time autofocus and low-light correction technology for high-quality video even in low-light situations—perfect for the thousands of video conferences you’ll have throughout the week while working from the comfort of your home or making video calls with your friends.


Finally, for the ultimate home entertainment experience, we offer an option to purchase a Home Entertainment bundle that includes the Access4, along with the Lynk, the 5-in-1 remote control which combines several functions such as a full Windows keyboard, wireless mouse, remote control, directional pad, and microphone, perfect for you to build your dream home entertainment center.

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