By Kristie Laplante

Our new and improved Access 4 is finally here! After a year of development and three months of anticipation, we are proud to present our customers with a fantastic new product to enjoy. We took feedback from reviews, B2B, tech journalists, and consumers who regularly use our products to create a new addition to our lineup. While its predecessors remain reliable products worth purchasing, we advise you to add the Access4 to your shopping cart before they start to sell out.

From improving the graphics to upgrading the HDMI port, the advancements made to the latest Mini PC stick guarantees enhanced browsing, streaming, and entertainment. A Full Function USB Type-C port was also added for individuals who no longer use the traditional USB port. Also, Azulle replaced the original power connector with a barrel connector, which is an electrical socket used to link additional low-voltage devices like electronics. These enhancements make the Access 4 more comfortable to use and faster than ever before!

The Access4 Mini PC offers you great value in a small size. At just 5 inches by 2 inches, it is about the size of your hands. It can be installed or moved to any device anywhere you choose. Plus, it is easily concealed behind TV screens, monitors, digital signage, etc. The ridges incorporated in the construction of the stick help regulate its temperature. The arrow-shaped design of the grooves directs the heat radiated from the instrument away from the HD Output. Additionally, the spacing of the plugging ports allows for other gadgets to get plugged in next to one another.

Whether using it for many business solutions or personal use, the Access4 is a dynamic yet small full computer that fits your hands. Make sure to take a look at the Access4 for your next Mini PC.

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