Azulle’s 6 Tips for Virtual Learning

By Azulle Team

Virtual Learning | Azulle Technology Inspired by Real People

Learning has gone virtual!

Students of all ages have shifted their learning to online classroom models. Whether you’re immersed in a fully virtual program or a hybrid model, staying motivated and engaged during remote learning can be challenging at times. We’ve put together 6 tips for virtual learning to spark your motivation and boost your experience.

Stay Organized

Virtual Learning | Azulle Technology Inspired by Real People

We all know how tempting it can be to stay in our pajamas late into the morning … especially when we’re spending more time in the comfort of our homes. As cozy as our pj’s can be, it’s important to follow a routine similar to the one we followed pre-pandemic. Get started by planning a consistent, balanced routine that sets up your day for success. A visual schedule and calendar are helpful tools to stay organized and on task. We recommend using one similar to Google Calendar so you can sync it to all your devices.

Learning Strategies

The virtual learning landscape is evolving education. There are a vast number of resources available to students online that would otherwise not be readily available in an in-person setting. Lessons can be enriched with online resources streamed from YouTube channels like Khan Academy. Another way of staying engaged during virtual learning is to take notes during videos and guided lessons. An online notetaking platform such as Google Keep is easy to use and keep track of across all your devices.

Virtual Learning | Azulle Technology Inspired by Real People

Designated Study Area

Psychology today says children, like adults, benefit from having routines and a sense of structure and order in their lives. By setting up a designated learning area for virtual learning, you’re creating a sense of order and routine similar to that of an in-person setting.


Taking care of your wellbeing is essential to a successful virtual learning experience. A sound mind and body is a state of being ready for learning! Start the day with a healthy routine; whether it be reading, listening to a podcast, or working out, these activities can be energizing and boost feelings of positivity. Also, don’t forget to schedule “brain-breaks” throughout the day. Take brief moments throughout the day to do the activities that bring you happiness – you’ll return to virtual learning feeling motivated and refreshed.

Reliable Technology

Having the right tools for school has always been important! Virtual learning is no exception to this statement – students need reliable, high-performance devices to keep them connected and engaged during their online lessons. The Azulle Byte4 mini PC is a cost-effective multi-use solution for virtual learners of all ages. Compact in size with multiple ports and reliable connectivity, these mini PCs can be plugged into any HDTV and paired with accessories to function as a school hub by day and an entertainment center by night.

Contact our team of experts today to learn more about the perks of a mini PC for virtual learning:

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Make it Fun!

Virtual Learning | Azulle Technology Inspired by Real People

Virtual learning doesn’t have to be all work and no play! Learning from home means you can stream your favorite tunes while getting your work done, take a break to play with your dog, and enrich your learning with online videos.

Take advantage of this opportunity to learn from home and make it fun with all the fun resources available online. For example, if you’re learning about space, check out NASA’s STEM hub. If you’re learning about world history, check out what has to offer.

Need a break after school? Take an online painting or cooking class on Udemy! The possibilities are endless when you have the flexibility of learning virtually, and they can all be powered by your PC.






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