The Chicago and LA Transportation Authority Powered by Azulle

By Azulle Team

Digital signage technology in the transportation industry is changing the face of mass communication and plays a major role in improving the user experience of transport users. Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) and Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (LACMTA) have increased customer convenience by adding digital platforms and advertising displays across its rail systems with the help of cost-efficient and reliable hardware by Azulle.

CTA’s expansion into digital advertising display networks provides safety tips, travel guides, entertainment, advertising, real-time service alerts, and continuous “Train Tracker” updates for accurate information on train and bus arrival times, delays, and cancellations. LACMTA also expanded into new digital communication and advertising platforms providing wayfinding, train and bus arrival times, service alerts, emergency messages, and ads. With over 600 acquired Azulle mini PCs to power transport digital signage solutions in Chicago and Los Angeles, CTA and LACMTA can effectively and efficiently display real-time data on screens onboard, outdoors, and in train and subway stations.

A partnership between two major cities and Azulle hardware has helped the CTA and LAMCTA tap into new revenue streams and improve their customer service. Some of the key benefits of their digital signage deployment strategy have minimized perceived wait times and customer frustration, take advantage of increased advertising revenues and engage commuters and tourists with useful travel information and offers.

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