The digital age has brought about, 24-hour real-time communication between businesses, employees and customers. Innovative technology like digital signage has evolved people communicate and connect, leading to new opportunities for businesses. One of the most effective top providers of interactive digital signage today is E-display, powered by Azulle hardware. E-display provides full service turnkey digital signage solutions in both the United States and Canadian markets.

Clients from small businesses to large enterprises use E-display solutions to create customized digital signage presentations, like the digital menu software or SaaS (E Display Signage-as-a-Service (pictured below). The E Display SaaS infrastructure is host­ed in a world-class data center that can handle any capacity and has 24/7 reliability and redun­dancy built-in. Industries serviced by E-display include food service, hospitality, retail, education, healthcare, transit and much more. They offer a wide range of custom displays; digital menu boards, flight information displays, hospitality signage, retail signage and window projection systems to name a few. Studies have shown digital signage has a recall rate of 83% and can reach a broader audience as compared to even Facebook or through the Internet.

What sets E-display apart from the rest are their one-stop-shop services; offering full range solutions like initial consultation, software for interactive displays, content creators, project management, and installers, plus providing Azulle mini-PCs to power it all. Clients also have the option to make use of advanced functionalities like Multiple Zones, Tickers, RSS feeds, IP Video, Animations, and more.

In today’s world, digital signage is an invaluable business tool for effective marketing and communication. The Sheraton Red Deer Hotel, Sbarro pizza chains, CANA Construction Company, and many others trust E-display for world-class communication and services. Ask us how you can take your business into the new age of digital communication with E-display and Azulle!

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