Last month, Microsoft unveiled its latest and improved operating system, Windows 11. With the way our world has evolved in terms of work, collaboration, and connection, Windows 11 is designed to deliver a more streamlined PC experience without compromising the performance of your hardware. Let’s look at some of its latest features:

A simplified design

Microsoft rejuvenated the design of the Windows 11 interface with the intention of increasing productivity, usability, and creativity. From the bottom-center placement of the Start button and task bar icons to the integration of Snap layouts, Windows makes it easier to access the open windows and apps that are most important to you, creating a more personalized experience.

Easy access to communication tools

Since the pandemic impacted all of our lives, Microsoft Teams has been an integral tool businesses, and families use to stay connected. Now, Windows 11 comes with Teams fully integrated into the taskbar, allowing users to access their video calls, messages, photos, and videos quicker than ever before.

A better pc gaming experience

Windows 11 has turned the pc gaming experience up a notch. With X-box Game Pass being fully integrated into the new OS, users will have access to hundreds of high-quality games for their PC. Microsoft has also made new improvements with Direct Storage, AutoHDR, and DirectX 12. These features will not only speed up game loading times for users but also improve the visual quality of their games allowing for a top-of-the-line gaming experience.

Customized Widgets

Now you can view content that’s customized to your interests with Widgets. This new feature is an AI-powered personal feed that shows you information about the news, calendar, weather, and much more.

With Windows 11 releasing later this year, your PC must meet the system requirements. If your device fails to meet the basic requirements, you may not be eligible to install the new OS. For more information on whether your PC meets system requirements go to  or upgrade to one of Azulle’s high-performance mini PCs, so you don’t have to miss out on this game-changing experience!

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