Get the Access You Need to Do It All

By Azulle Team

Soon, we will have a new member added to the Azulle Access mini PC stick family, complete with all the Access features you love, plus more connectivity and usability! The new Access3 HDMI PC stick will give you the power to compute while on the go like never before.

Having a movie night? Spend more time discovering the fun, and less time bored! The Access3 will convert your regular TV into a smart TV, letting you surf the web and use your favorite apps. Watch the best new movies, shows, and videos with your family and friends. Going out? Don’t worry about looking for entertainment – bring it with you! With the new Access3, the fun is guaranteed. Before you head out, just stick the Access3 in your purse, bag or even your pocket. Spend less time making plans and more time enjoying yourself!