Transform Your Hybrid Workspace with Azulle

By Vannia M.

The pandemic is here to revolutionize everything, from how people interact with each other to how they work. The hybrid workspace model is here to stay and is being implemented in more and more companies in the United States and around the world, optimizing not only the company’s productivity but also the employees’ sense of belonging and satisfaction. But…what exactly is hybrid work?

This new modality combines aspects of remote work with working in the office. Employees are given the possibility of working outside the office on certain days of the week, while the company maintains its office space for when employees must go for in-person tasks.

Here are some of the great benefits of hybrid work that should be kept in mind when implementing it:

hybrid workspace, Transform Your Hybrid Workspace with Azulle, Azulle#1 – Increased motivation, and as result, increased productivity

By having the opportunity to work from the comfort of their home, or place of choice, employees will increase their productivity, and work more effectively because they are able to embrace unique workstyles. 77% of employees will embrace a flexible work style. Happy employee, happy company!


hybrid workspace, Transform Your Hybrid Workspace with Azulle, Azulle#2 – Cost reduction, for the employer and the employees

There is a close relationship between hybrid work and cost reduction. When the office becomes less essential, a company’s expenses decrease by cutting down on real estate costs, utility bills, and cleaning or other services. On the employee side, travel expenses decrease significantly, allowing them to have more time on their hands. Employees can start forgetting about waiting long minutes in city traffic to get to and from the office and rejoice over all the money they are saving on gas alone.

#3 – Better Work-Life Balance

hybrid workspace, Transform Your Hybrid Workspace with Azulle, AzulleEmployees who work remotely have more autonomy and control over where they work and how they balance work and personal life. Maintaining a healthy work-life balance while continuing to contribute effectively and productively to one’s job will give the employee the best of both worlds!

While the hybrid work model brings many benefits to both the company and the employee, working from home can also have its challenges. That’s why Azulle believes we are an optimal choice of hardware to help any company transition or solidify its space in the hybrid world.

Replace your big desktop PC with a compact but powerful mini PC from Azulle. Among the various options are a mini PC stick, the Access4, a mini desktop PC, the Byte4, and a more robust option, the Byte4 Elite. All our mini PCs support a variety of operating systems and your choice of RAM and storage, plus they are also compatible with a wide range of software options.

All of these options will make it easy for remote workers to have a setup without unnecessary cables for a clean, distraction-free desk space. In addition, Azulle mini PCs offer several connectivity options such as USB-C port, USB-3.0 ports, a certified HDMI port, and an ethernet port for a direct and stable internet connection.

hybrid workspace, Transform Your Hybrid Workspace with Azulle, Azulle

Organize meetings and video conferences with the Azulle Webcam. With a high dynamic range, real-time autofocus, 1080p@30fps video recording, and low light correction technology, this high-performance webcam allows for high-quality video even in low-light situations, perfect for the thousands of video conferences you’ll have during the week while working from the comfort of your home.

If you prefer to get them all together, choose a bundle and you may even add the Logitech Wireless Keyboard with a built-in touchpad for faster and more comfortable navigation. With no wires or restrictions, this keyboard is portable and easy to connect.

Turn your living room or space of choice into your work sanctuary by easily connecting your mini PC to a TV or at-home monitor. On the days when you go to the office, unplug your mini PC and take the power with you.

Don’t wait any longer and try the hybrid workspace experience with Azulle.






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