Learning While On The Move: Stay Connected With Access

By Azulle Team

The new school year is here and making sure you have everything you need to succeed is at the top of the to-do list. In the Digital Age, no school checklist is finished without having a PC that is able to help you complete your homework and assignments. If you’re a busybody,  you probably haven’t gotten around to picking one just yet – but it’s ok. We’re here to help make sure you grab the right mini portable computers for college students in time for school.

Ace It With Access

For the on-the-go student, a stationary computer might not work well with your lifestyle. An alternative to consider would be an Access Mini PC stick. These palm-sized mini portable computers can slip right into a pocket of your book bag or jeans. Grab your Access and go – you’ll still be able to work on your assignments, homework, surf the web, visit your student portal and much more. With pre-installed Windows 10 Pro, feel free to easily plug your device into any HDMI screen to instantly turn it into your personal computer and view or edit your files from wherever you are.

Avoid Burnouts

It’s no secret the road to academic success can be stressful and demanding. This is why it’s important to make time to relax after intense study sessions and exams. Connect your Access to stream your favorite applications like Youtube, Hulu, and Netflix all in 4K resolution. Enjoy great videos, movies, and shows in high-definition to unwind and recover the right way.

On A Student Budget

Being a student calls for good budgeting, as school comes with a list of expenses. Luckily, you can shop our Access line and  pick up the perfect one for as low as $163.99, fitting right into even the savviest student budget. Browse all our computers for college students today!