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By Azulle Team

Digital signage is more powerful than ever, and the right sign has the potential to revolutionize the inside and outside of a business. Some industries are reaping exceptional benefits from these signs. A pivotal company tackling industries across the board is Telelogos, Media4Display, a digital signage software that allows via web browser, to create, manage, and show your digital content over a network of screens powered by Azulle.

            Telelogos Media4Display digital signage management software creates and broadcasts content on over 300,000 Telelogos software licenses for over 2,000 clients worldwide. Their services greatly help marketing professionals improve the quality, consistency, and effectiveness of their digital content. Interestingly, digital signage has a 47.7% effectiveness on brand awareness and is one of the most successful tools for advertisers to increase consideration and purchase at a location, enabling increased interaction in point-of-sale systems in retail stores, digitalization for bank and insurance branches, and operations in the industrial sectors to thrive.

Digital signage software, Telelogos – Media4Display Digital Signage Software Powered by Azulle, Azulle
Image owned by TELELOGOS

            Media4Display at point-of-sale has become indispensable for retailers. Their software integrates data extracted from customer relationship management or business intelligence systems into displays, allowing stores to update offers and prices in real-time, contextualize content depending on weather or time of day, and personalize what is shown according to a customer’s profile. Many of Telelogos’ clients also connect their software to third-party applications that give retailers important audience analytics. One of their clients, Les Mousquetaires, a retail giant in France and Europe, uses Media4Display to boost their national and local commercial offers with a full TV channel rollout on over 300 stores and without the need of an advertising agency. Really impressive!

Another of the top industries taking advantage of digital signage is banking. Big finance and insurance branches use digital signage to standardize, monitor, and ensure communication with their entire network of branches, allowing each to personalize their communication and properly manage kiosks and touch screens. The Groupe Banque Populaire uses Media4Display as their centralized digital signage solution, set up on their Data Center servers, to properly manage and deploy a secure, single display solution common to 20 banks on their 2,600 branches. The flexibility of Media4Display allowed the branches to use national communication campaigns and offers while also showing information specific to each agency.

Digital signage software, Telelogos – Media4Display Digital Signage Software Powered by Azulle, Azulle
Image owned by TELELOGOS

Finally, in the industrial sector, Media4Display has helped manufacturers improve productivity, quality, safety, and employee involvement through guidelines and alerts displayed on industrial screens installed in workshops. Employees can now easily access specific instructions for machine configuration, manufacturing orders, or maintenance operations.

Business operations become easily manageable and interconnected by being able to control all your displays from anywhere, at any time, powered by Azulle’s most robust mini PC, the Byte4 Elite. Kiosks, point of sales systems, and more, are being properly monitored and used efficiently with the full functionality of Media4Display, letting clients create, schedule, broadcast, and manage content screens, players, and other devices with API capabilities and proper information use from databases or business applications. Telelogos ensures the promotion of a product or service and attracts real clients with their high-level digital signage service powered by Azulle.

Digital signage software, Telelogos – Media4Display Digital Signage Software Powered by Azulle, Azulle
Image owned by TELELOGOS

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