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By Azulle Team

Creating the right content is important in cultivating an engaged audience to eventually convert them into paying customers. However, this is not an easy task to master.

This is where ScreenCloud can help.

ScreenCloud is a software company that believes digital signage content should be made easy for marketers and businesses alike. It is built for those who need reliable and secure digital signage management, customized to the needs of their operations without requiring expensive or complicated hardware.

One of ScreenCloud’s main industry solutions is finding new ways to connect with, and bring, the digital experience to brick-and-mortar stores. Harley Davidson chose ScreenCloud to deliver engaging promotional materials and heighten the dealership experience in-store. By showing video content on their screens, Harley Davidson showcases the brand’s personality and essence from the get-go and has the potential to boost sales – approximately 20% of customers make an unplanned purchase of a product promoted digitally in a retail setting.

ScreenCloud | Azulle Technology Inspired by Real People

Digital signage is made easy with ScreenCloud. With more than 80 app integrations, businesses can catch the attention of existing and prospective customers with impactful content. Features like the media library allow for easily creating playlists where any uploaded image or video is automatically optimized to fit any screen, while you can also create your own content within apps like Canvas. Adding content to a Playlist is as easy as drag-and-drop, and any edits made are shown in real-time, across multiple screens.

ScreenCloud | Azulle Technology Inspired by Real People

In addition, ScreenCloud digital signage has proven to improve efficiency and enable a well-informed and connected workforce among its corporate clients. Berkeley National Labs, HackerOne, and Anaplan are just a few of the companies that trust ScreenCloud to keep their staff up-to-date with important internal communications. Organization leaders enjoy the easy and intuitive interface ScreenCloud provides, allowing them to share upcoming events, social media feeds, safety information, and company updates all from one CMS.

Azulle proudly supports ScreenCloud in continually building, testing, and documenting their software solutions work with a wide range of hardware – including the Azulle Access4 and Azulle Byte4.

Stay organized as you scale with  ScreenCloud’s digital signage software solution.


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