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By Azulle Team

Meticulous Research estimates that the digital signage market will grow at a CAGR of 4.3% from 2020 to 2027 to reach $19.44 Billion by 2027. With market growth comes an exceptional amount of content made available in various sectors like retail, corporate offices, hospitality, healthcare, transportation and more. While digital signs enable businesses to reach broader audiences, engaging them has become more difficult. Inspired by this need in the market, Seenspire provides an unlimited streaming service for digital signage committed to sourcing, curating, and visualizing content ensuring an engaging user and viewing experience.

In a homage to home TV programming, Seenspire pioneered diverse and eye-catching playlists embedded in digital signs stationed in modern workplaces. Driven by creativity and innovation, Seenspire and Azulle teamed up to go above and beyond the trend to deliver positive results for partner businesses advertising through digital signage.

Since its start in 2011, Seenspire embarked on a mission to help organizations tell their brand stories. Through continuous fresh and engaging content creation they became the first streaming service for digital signage. Today, they continue to enhance their tools and services through a strategic partnership with Azulle to deliver a key turn-around solution to power digital signage using the Access4 mini PC, which comes preloaded with Zoom Rooms.

How it Works

From Seenspire’s unified dashboard, you can select the feeds you wish to display on your Zoom digital signage. Copy the URL and paste it into Zoom’s Room Management content area to customize Seenspire feeds for your screens wherever your customers are. Choose from over 250+ curated and licensed cleared infotainment content including national news sources, local weather, drone aerial views, social media, and more.

Assure stakeholders your content will connect with audiences through Seenspire and Zoom Rooms powered by Azulle. All your content made available with a single subscription run on the Access4 mini PC.

Stream Content | Azulle

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