Workation Guide: Work from Paradise, In Luxury, and In Style

By Azulle Team

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From “Work From Home” to “Work with a View”

The latest Workation travel trend is taking nonessential workers on productive adventures all around the world. The quarantine has shifted a lot of people to work remotely indefinitely, and many are beginning to crave a change of scenery. Resorts have launched tempting “workation” packages to allow people to travel while enjoying luxurious accommodations. Staying productive during travel has never been easier with everything from ‘work butlers,’ to tutors that can help with online schooling. Whether you’re planning your next adventure or simply curious about this new travel trend, here’s everything you need to know in our workation guide.

Workstation Image | Azulle

What’s a Workation?

A workation is a vacation centered on a delicate balance between productivity and pleasure. More than just a weekend getaway where you answer a couple of emails and calls, a workation is an immersive experience with the goal of leaving you feeling inspired and motivated.

Aside from the pandemic influencing remote work operations, technological advancements have also played a role in the popularity of workations. Now more than ever before people are able to stay connected to work through online platforms like Zoom, online collaboration tools, and portable PCs and accessories.

How to Experience a Successful Workation

  1. Do your Research! Take the time to research all the accommodations your hotel has to offer prior to booking your trip. Internet connectivity, designated workspaces, and tech amenities are key for staying productive. Rosewood Miramar Beach in Santa Barbara goes as far as offering in-suite monitors, printers, and office supplies!
  2. Stay in touch with work! Communicate with your employer what your availability will look like and which goals you plan to accomplish during your time away. Plan ahead with a to-do list to help you stay productive despite the infinity pool tempting you from your balcony.
  3. Plan a Routine and Stick to it! Create a schedule of when you’ll be strictly working and when you’ll have time to venture out for a happy hour or a hike. Always do your best to keep the same schedule each day and stay as organized as possible. This will give you more time to explore and enjoy the resort’s offerings. Always remember, workations only work as much as you do!

Workation Essentials

Noise Cancellation Headphones: Stay focused and reduce background noise wherever you’re answering work emails from.

Portable Computer: Connect to work and stay productive with a PC you can take anywhere. Azulle mini PCs can easily be connected to your hotel room HDTV or in-suite monitor for reliable, high-performance multi-tasking productivity. With a mini PC, you’ll be able to enjoy all the capabilities of a desktop PC in a compact device. What’s best about this device is that it can transform into a streaming hub after a long workday. Need help setting up your mini PC? Check out our setup guide ➡️

Tech Accessories: Unless your hotel provides these as amenities, be sure to pack an HDMI cable, keyboard, mouse, and external hard-drive. Also, don’t forget your chargers!

Get Ready, Get Jet, Go!

Whether your workation looks more like a staycation in your hometown, or you’ve planned 3 weeks in the exotic Riviera Maya, always remember the goal of your trip is to find inspiration and motivation. Resorts around the world are offering bespoke office amenities beyond the courtesies of your home office. Now is the time to experience joie de vivre without sacrificing time away from work and productivity.






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