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Work with a leading US manufacturer of mini PC’s and mini PC sticks, dedicated to developing and introducing practical innovation for businesses.
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Less than 1% Defect Rate

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US Based Expertise and Support

Edge Computing

Computing on the Edge with Azulle

Power your edge-ready technology with our mini PCs and improve operational efficiency for kiosks, wayfinding machines, digital signs, and more. Maximize the power of your data with our cost-efficient and reliable hardware solutions.
Edge Computing

IoT Solutions with Azulle Hardware

Build scalable IoT solutions with Azulle hardware.
Using Azulle mini PCs for IoT, you can gain access to actionable insights that will catapult your business to the next level of operational efficiency.
Edge Computing

Digital Signage with Azulle Hardware

Are you a digital signage integrator or software? Leverage your digital signage solution with Azulle’s high-performing, customized, and ultra-reliable hardware that plays content in 4K video output and drives operational efficiency.
Edge Computing

Azulle for Video Collaboration and Conferencing

Elevate your business’ video conferencing experience with a small form factor that can mount alongside projectors or behind any display.

Power breakout rooms, collaboration spaces, and cutting-edge conference rooms with Azulle hardware solutions.

Edge Computing

Azulle Thin Client Replacement

Empower MSPs to create more cost-effective thin client replacement environments with Azulle hardware. Azulle mini PCs are compact, lightweight, and reliable units tailored to meet your business needs.
Edge Computing

Interactive Kiosks Powered by Azulle Hardware

Interactive kiosks powered by Azulle mini PCs are revolutionizing business processes and customer experiences across various industries. From restaurants to retail stores, kiosks provide the convenience and customers to have an enjoyable interaction with your business. Azulle mini PCs are compact, lightweight, and cost-effective computing solutions that can be personalized to meet your business goals.
Edge Computing

Emergency Notification System Powered by Azulle Hardware

Enable emergency notification solutions to display alerts in real-time, from anywhere at any time. Appropriately and easily communicate processes and protocols with emergency systems powered and connected through the internet or cloud to Azulle hardware, your cost-effective and high performing choice of mini PCs.


Edge Computing

Zoom Digital Signage Powered by Azulle

Zoom Rooms is designed to maximize communication, collaboration, and productivity between remote and in-house workers within meeting spaces. Transform any space into a Zoom Room with Azulle hardware and Zoom’s video-conferencing software and experience video conferencing on a whole different level.
Edge Computing

Telemedicine Equipment Powered by Azulle Hardware

Increase access to care, enhance patient experiences, and improve outcomes with Azulle small form factor and cost-effective hardware. With our hardware solutions, physicians and patients can share information, diagnose and treat patients, providing faster care and safer environments.
Edge Computing

Remote Work Technology Powered by Azulled Hardware

Meet the demands of the workplace with powerful, highly secure Azulle mini PCs. With your choice of operating system and customizable RAM and storage, make working from home or the office easy and portable if needed during business trips, conference shows, and more.

US Based Mini PC & PC Stick Manufacturer

Azulle is a leading manufacturer of mini PC’s and mini PC sticks, dedicated to developing and introducing practical innovations for homes and businesses. Azulle helps customers reach their fullest potential through cutting-edge technology.

What began as a small team creating a single product, is now a large family of unique and talented people driven to pioneer the future of technology, while maintaining premier US-based customer service and technical support.

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If needed, get one-on-one, interactive support with customers. Call our technicalsupport line to quickly reach one of our local and friendly customer service reps to assist you with your products, questions, or concerns.
Available in English & Spanish

Balance between performance & efficiency

Although digital signage is multipurpose, software companies keep choosing Azulle for its customization,less than 1% defect rate, power, and premium U.S. based expertise and support.

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