Top Fall 2018 TV Premieres Pt.2 | Byte Into Your October Streaming Guide

By Azulle Team

The Fall time brings back all of your favorite shows with new seasons to add to your binge-list. So, before you begin jotting down these upcoming October TV premieres, make sure to have your Byte3 hooked up to your TV to enjoy streaming them all in 4K quality.

Doctor Who

The hit series Doctor Who returns for an 11th season. Doctor Who follows “the Doctor”, a time-travelling scientist from a distant planet who travels through time and space in a shop known by “TARDIS”.  Season 11 introduces a brand new Doctor, new villains, and new characters to follow; making this a season perfect for new unknowing viewers, and a refreshing new plot for longtime fans.

Premiering on BBC – Sunday, October 7. Stream it the next day on Amazon Prime Video.

Shark Tank

The Sharks return for a 10th season.  The Sharks are billionaire entrepreneurs Mark Cuban, Barbara Corcoran, Robert Herjaves and Kevin O’Leary, who give small business owners a  chance to pitch their product ideas to them. Entrepreneurs go in with the hopes of gaining cash-funding and partnership from a Shark, while the Sharks look to support a business that will give a good return on their investment.  Watch the new season of Shark Tank to see brilliant and not-so brilliant pitches enter the “Tank”, and cut-throat, promising business deals happen.

Premiering on ABC – Sunday, October 7. Stream it the next day on Hulu.

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead rolls into season 9. The Walking Dead follows the lives of survivors after a zombie outbreak. The primary characters are a group of survivors led by character Rick Grimes, and their struggles to find peace and safety in a post-apocalyptic world.

Premiering on AMC – Sunday, October 7. Stream it the next day on Amazon Prime Video.

The Flash

The hit series The Flash returns for season 5. The Flash is a live action series of one of DC’s most popular heroes, Flash.  Season 5 continues the story of Barry Allen (who is secretly the heroic speedster) his team and family. Season five will also bring an unexpected new character into the story – Nora West-Allen, a speedster from the future…who is Barry’s daughter. Watch the new season to see Barry Allen and his team will come together to season to help send Nora back to the future, while fighting off current-time villains.

Premiering on CW – Tuesday, October 9. Stream it for free the next day on the CW app.

Black Lightning

Based on the DC comic hero Black lightening, this live action series is rolling into season 2, continuing the story of Jefferson Pierce (who is secretly the electrical hero) and his struggles in balancing his personal family life and his secret crime-fighting life.

Premiering on CW – Tuesday, October 9. Stream it for free the next day on the CW app.


Based on an original story from the classic “Archie Comics”, Riverdale follows the story-line of a group of high-school kids (Archie, Betty, Jughead, Veronica, and Cheryl) brought together by the death of a classmate, Jason, as they work together to discover the secrets of the town they live in and what really happened to Jason.  The new Season 3 of Riverdale will continue following the drama in the lives of the characters and the mysteries of Riverdale town.

Premiering on CW – Wednesday, October 10. Stream it for free the next day on the CW app.


The long-running series Supernatural returns for a 14th season. Supernatural  is a dark fantasy series which follows the Winchester brothers, Sam and Dean, in their hunts against terrorizing supernatural beings.

Premiering on CW – Thursday, October 11. Stream it for free the next day on the CW app.


A modernized reboot of a 1980s soap of the same name, Dynasty is rolling into a season 2; continuing to follow the stories of the two wealthiest American families, the Carringtons and the Colbys. Watch the new season of Dynasty to see these two families feud for control over their fortune and heirs.

Premiering on CW – Friday, October 12. Stream it fore free the next day on the CW app.


The popular series Supergirl returns for season 4. Supergirl is a live action series of one of DC’s characters of the same name.  Season 4 continues the story of Kara Zor-El (known as Supergirl), who is one of the last surviving Kryptonians and Superman’s cousin. Watch the Girl of Steel fight crime again this Fall.

Premiering on CW – Sunday, October 14. Stream it for free the next day on the CW app.


The popular series Arrow, based on DC’s character Green Arrow, will premiere season 7 this Fall. Arrow  centers around the story of billionaire Oliver Queen who returns to town after five years of being stranded on a hostile island and presumed dead. Instead of returning to his playboy and carefree ways, Oliver returns with a  secret vigilante persona  of “Arrow”, a hero who fights crime and shuts down the corrupt ruining Starling City with his tactical skills, and bow & arrow.

Premiering on CW – Monday, October 15. Stream it for free the next day on the CW app.


The Emmy-nominated show Black-ish returns for a 5th season. This hit sitcom follows the Dre Johnson and his family. As a husband and father raising an upper-middle-class African-American family, Dre finds himself wanting to ensure his kids do not lose touch with their culture and background.

Premiering on ABC – Tuesday, October 16. Stream it the next day on Hulu.

Marvel’s Daredevil Season 3

Netflix’s original series Daredevil will return with a season 3. A live-action series based on Marvel’s famous character, Daredevil follows the story of the blind Matt Murdock who fights crime in court by day as lawyer, and fights crime in the streets by night as the Daredevil.

Premiering on Netflix – Friday, October 19.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Based on the famous comic “Sabrina the Teenage Witch”, The upcoming new Netflix original series Chilling Adventures of Sabrina will show the tale of young Sabrina. The premiere will center around Sabrina’s  approaching 16th birthday – a day where she much choose between her human world of friends or the witching world of her family.

Premiering on Netflix – Friday, October 26.

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