First Toilet Paper, Now Laptops: Navigating through the Pandemic Cyber Shortage

By Azulle Team

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The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic continues to unfold every day, consequently affecting people, communities, and businesses. As of March, the country transitioned to a re-imagined online learning and remote work landscape. People around the world went on a home electronics buying frenzy! Manufacturers unfortunately haven’t been able to keep up with the exceptional demand for laptops, and have also been delayed by sanctions imposed by the US. As a result, schools across the United States are experiencing laptop shortages and delays of up to several months.

Many school districts have been able to provide students with laptops to support virtual learning despite the shortage of supply. Though this isn’t the case for everyone – The AP Survey of school districts shared the status of laptop orders placed by schools in the spring, showing shipment delays as late as October/November. This has left many families on the hunt for their own devices. Commercial storefronts have also experienced the shortage, unable to keep up with the demand for low-cost models that are popular for students.

As the technology gap persists, families and businesses are seeking ways to navigate around the shortage of the new essential. From unreliable loaner computers to online scammers and defective goods, people are struggling to find quality devices that are affordable and dependable. Even though there is a push for free laptop programs, schools are asking parents who are financially stable to purchase their own equipment.

With all the different makes and models of products out there, it’s definitely an involved process to choose the best laptop. The limit of supply, and shopping during a pandemic makes it altogether more daunting. People are searching far and wide, and resorting to refurbished models as a solution to the laptop shortage. When shopping refurbished models, its best to look for those labeled “certified pre-owned” to ensure the refurbishment includes authentic pieces from the manufacturer. Another option is to explore online retailers such as Newegg, Tiger Direct, and Overstock, or opt for a tablet as an alternative. A tablet can be paired with a keyboard to function as a miniature computer, this option works best for those who aren’t using their PC for demanding tasks.

Azulle makes it simple by providing quality and portable solutions for the new era of virtual learning and remote work! Our Mini PCs and PC sticks are an affordable solution for families and businesses seeking quality devices that are portable, dynamic, and reliable. The Access4 can be connected to any HDTV and paired with our accessories to enhance the modern ways we’re connecting for ultimate productivity and fun. Zoom into class or your next conference meeting with the convenience and ease that our products offer.

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