Digital Signage is All Around Us

By Azulle Team

Connection. Vision. Solution. What do these three words have in common? With over seven billion people worldwide, most of the time, people are united and informed through visuals. We see people, businesses, and all types of transactions done digitally. The world is now before our eyes, and digital signage creates a vision that connects everyone to your business solution.

Digital signage creates a memorable first impression, and it is the 21st century’s best form of engagement. More than 80% of adults are exposed to digital signage every day, while many of them may not even realize it, especially as the world grows contactless.

In health centers, universities, restaurants, and hotels, we are surrounded by digital signage. They can tell us everything, from an event taking place nearby to how long customers must wait in line. But how are all of these signs being controlled and displaying such great content? REACH Media Network is the answer through its easy to use, web-based digital signage software platform.

Students from Northwestern University, George Washington University, and many others use REACH Media Network’s digital signage software to display information about on-campus activities, class locations, and severe weather or health concerns. Office workers get news, upcoming events, and more, all by looking at dynamic content screens. Even hospitals are effectively communicating emergency room wait times, floor specialties, and employee reminders in a better format than ever before. How you may ask: It’s digital signage driven by Azulle devices.

During the Covid-19 outbreak, REACH has seen a rise in the use of their digital signage in hospitals. Large hospitals such as Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago saw that communication became more difficult as they grew, so they looked for an easy solution to welcome, guide, and educate patients and staff. Today, hospitals like Massachusetts General Hospital are using REACH’s content management capabilities and interface to run a fully digitalized hospital.

The idea of a fully digitalized hospital has greatly contributed to the health care industry that faced an overflow of patients and an understaffed workforce due to the pandemic. Digital signage aims to deliver a comprehensive overview of the group’s medical capabilities and important announcements relevant to their visit to patients in the waiting areas. Also, digital signage has helped doctors and nurses improve their healthcare services through the delivery of timely alerts and notifications to medical staff.

A solution that started fifteen years ago in ice arenas in Minnesota, REACH Media Network is one of the leading providers of digital signage software and solutions today. With the diligence and innovation with which they carry themselves, REACH has expanded its operations to oversee over 30,000 digital signage displays worldwide. Now, digital signage is here to transform the world around us powered by Azulle devices.

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