Take a Byte Out of Ethernet Week: Your Virtual Meetings Solution

By Azulle Team

It’s Ethernet Week at Azulle and we’re covering ways Ethernet can serve you and your business for the better! Ethernet connectivity helps maintain a more reliable connection, a must-have when webcamming and a crucial component of virtual meeting solutions.

Meetings are an essential part of running a business. Having a powerful business mini desktop PC during meetings helps you stay in the know of company affairs, gives you the opportunity to develop growth plans with your employees, as well as secure business deals with clients.

Thanks to the era of technology, virtual meetings are now a cost-effective and practical alternative to flying abroad to meet important clients. However, with the wrong connection, webcamming can quickly go south – as there is nothing more embarrassing than telling a client  “wait, you’re cutting off…” in the middle of their presentations.

Stay Connected

A reliable device and connection helps maintain video conferences as smooth and professional as possible! A great way to secure your virtual meetings is with a Byte3 Fanless Mini Desktop PC. This sleek business mini desktop PC has everything you need to stay connected while conducting business.

The Byte3 maintains the signature fanless and compact casing of the Byte series, executed with a sleeker style and lighter weight.  Don’t be fooled by its looks, however, as the Byte3 is not just a beauty! Integrated with a 64-bit quad-core Intel Apollo Lake processor and offered with the options of 4GB or 8GB of RAM; the Byte3 provides maximum power and speed for bufferless streaming.

The Byte3 mini PC is designed with many convenient ports that let you hook up your favorite cabled accessories, like your mouse, chargers, keyboard, headphones and more. If you have wireless accessories you would like to use – the Byte3 still has you covered with its Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. With its VGA port, you can even connect a second monitor to have a dual screen setup for a wide display.

Collaborate in Style

Byte3 Conference | Azulle

Missing the accessories needed to set up a virtual meeting? A Byte3 conference bundle may be just what you need. This bundle includes a Byte3, a Logitech Keyboard, and a Logitech Webcam; everything you need to get your business going virtually from your space. Once you plug in all of your devices,  simply use the built-in Ethernet port on your Byte3 to secure your connection.

The Byte3 is also preinstalled with Windows 10 Pro, allowing you to connect the Byte3 to any HDMI compatible TV, project, monitor or display screen to convert it into your ultimate personal computer. Connect your Byte3 to conference rooms, or your office monitor and download telecommunication apps such as Skype or Google hangouts to connect to scheduled virtual meetings. Find your perfect virtual meeting solutions here!

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